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Post to over 60,000 - Prices Start At $8.99 Per MegaSolo*!

Solo Ads Are One Of The Most Effective Ways To Get Lots Of People To Your Sites Fast And SoloAdProfits Solo Ads Are Some Of The Best Solo Ads Around!

With SoloAdProfits You will be able to send your Solo Ad for free after a few hours of joining the site. Just click on a few solo ads links on the Solos sent to you by our members and You will be entitled to exchange your Credits into a Solo Ad that will be send to ALL of our members!

With our advanced Tracking, we make sure your clicks are tracked, saving you a lot of money in your advertising efforts. Saving you a lot of money too. The clicks at your links will give you a great pointer from where the members came. This will make your future Marketing Campaigns easier, because you now know where they click your links.

Solo ads advertising is a great marketing tool for promoting a business or a product online or for building your own mailing list. The same like for any other marketing tool, one of the keys to a successful advertising campaign is to find out how the prospects think and what they are looking for, and then to meet their expectations.

Membership Level Free Gold Platinum
Can Save Ads 3 20 50
Credits For Viewing Members Area Ads 3 5 10
Credits For Clicking Members Area traffic Links 3 10 20
Credits For Reading Solo Ads 10 30 50
Credits For Reading MegaSolo Ads 30 100 150
Credits Earned Per Referral 50 100 200
Credits Earned On Signup 500 2000 3000
Credits Per Month 0 1000 2000
Included Monthly Solo Ads 0 3 6
Included Monthly MegaSolo Ads* 0 1 2
Number Of Cloaked Links Allowed 10 50 100
Commissions On Purchases/Upgrades
*Estimates - doesn't include Special Offers
5% 10% 20%
Membership Cost Free $19/Month $29/Month

* Valid For subscriptions made after 2012-05-05

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