Solo Ad Profits First Alert

Contact Solo Ads Sent to 20 Diversified Programs (Total 400,000 + Members)

A First Alert is a Contact Solo Ads Sent to 20 Diversified Programs. First Alerts Solo ads are also sent to our Pre-Launch Alert website.
Full stats and clicks tracking of your link! We send within 36H.

SoloAdProfits: 1
(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits to read)

Pre-Launch Alert: 150000 Random
Members (PLA has subscribers)

(ALL Paid members!)

BuxJunction: 50000 Random Members
(BJ has members - Members get Paid to read)

Bux-Matrix: 60000 Random Members
(Bux-Matrix has members - they get Paid to read)

BuxifY: 60000 Random Members
(BuxifY has members - Paid to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits/paid to read)

(Members get credits to read)

      Ad Mins:
(Members get credits/paid to read)

(Members get credits/paid to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits to read)

(Members get credits/paid to read)
(Members get credits to read)

..Total of over 400,000 Souls!!

You can SAVE Up to 10%   ..learn more!

Due to server maintenance
it is not possible to send out First Alerts right now.

Please come back later on THIS
page to buy your ad or buy a POWERMEGA.

In order to Keep Ads Effective and to to offer a Quality Service
We Do Not Send out More Than 10 Mega Solo Ad Per Day.

Below the last Mega Solos sent.
If You want to see older MegaSolo Results, click here

MC = MegaCode / PM = PowerMega / FA = First Alert     Unique Visits     Daily Visits Stats

Date Added
Unique Visits

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